About Me

Oscar Barrios

Software Engineer skilled in Quality Process and Automation, with expertise as a Backend Developer.
Big fan of Agile methodologies & DevOps culture

My Career


Enhance the current testing framework and keep automated testing of the SUSE Manager project.

I introduced parallelized End2End tests, Smart Pull Request End2End tests, automated tests for maintenance update validations, GitHub actions for unit tests, many other small contributions like nicer test reports or Grafana dashboards for QA Squad.
My next goal is to migrate our Continuous Testing from the libvirt hypervisor to AWS, using Terraform.

Creator and facilitator of the monthly DevOps Meetup inside SUSE.

Nov. 2018
Senior Test Automation Specialist

King Games (Activision Blizzard)

I designed and develop from scratch a Java test framework to deliver a high reliable continuous integration, speeding up 90% of time on recurrent test tasks in game and internal service teams.

Contribute to DevOps process, improving visibility on real-time data analysis through monitoring tools, streamlining CI/CD thanks to Jenkins, Git Hooks and containerization.

Develop new game and web services features, leading back-end side. Always focus on reusability and maintainability, I contributed in a game-server layer and collaborate embedded in a game team to bring awesome game features boosting monetization, retention and virality.

Mar. 2014
Backend developer and Software Engineer in Test

Telefonica Digital

Start a CDN platform, leading a QA team of five SDET. Mainly focus on web services integration. To achieve quick regression tests I designed a test framework in Python offering fast development of BDD tests performed on RedHat servers.

Contributed in an internal RFP, evaluating performance of 3 commercial CDNs, applying advanced skills in network diagnostics. Currently Movistar TV is built on top of it.

I also contributed in other R&D projects, in charge of test automation, experience in advanced web acceleration, iOS/Android mobile apps and cloud platform.

Dec. 2009
Software Engineer in Test and Test Lead


Cooperation with JBoss and Bull developing and integrating a web service on BonitaSoft BPM Solution, to achieve workflow management of human and automatic actions.

Contribution in a SOA platform, providing more flexibility in web services development in collaboration with the Eclipse community and OW2. Presented at JavaOne 2009.

sep. 2007
Backed Developer


Learning from the builders how design and develop BPM process, using XPDL to define workflows. I did a performance analysis of BonitaSoft (before the spin- off), running it in cluster mode on different application containers and JVM distributions.

Dec. 2006
Test Engineer

My skills

My Projects


Mobile app developed with Xamarin using Facebook API and Maps Pins


Augmented reality mobile app developed with Unity3D and Vuforia


That's a practice to learn more about Unity3D. You can find inside a good skeleton to build your new puzzle games.